Error correction: remove translation errors at vocabulary, phrase and sentence levels systematically by add-on modules


Self-learning technique:improve translation quality by learning new translation knowledge with incremental training technique or optmizing the translation model with domain-specific data.


Easy scalable cloud:adjust the cloud size at user demand to support large number of realtime visits and process big data tasks.


Easy-to-use translation API:HTTP-protocol-based translation API, easily integrated into user's software applications.


MT tech integration:NMT ans SMT at core, other MT technologies build in, with our 40 years' MT expertise.


Supported languages:22 languages altogether, with Chinese at the core, featuring 7 minority languages
            Core language pairs:
            Chinese⇔English, Japanese, Korean
            Featured languange pairs:
            Chinese⇔Uygur, Kazakh, Tibetan, Mongolian, Yi, Zhuang and Korean
            Other languange pairs:
            Chinese⇔Russian, German, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish
            Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Greek