Our Company

Shenyang YaTrans Network Technology Co., Ltd.(hereafter 'YaTrans') is a pioneer in machine translation(MT) industry, and a leading MT solution provider for business users. We are proud of our staff: more than 80% of us are PhDs and Masters, averaged only 27.8 years old.

YaTrans was founded in 2012 by NiuTrans Team, a group of researchers out of Natural Language Processing Lab at at Northeastern University (China) which has 30+ years' expertise in MT R&D, who have a strong passion to build NiuTrans, our MT engine.

Presently NiuTrans supports bidirectional translation between Chinese and 40 foreign languages like English, Japanese, Korean and 7 Chinese minority languages such as Uygur and Tibetan.

We can provide you with three kinds of NiuTrans: NiuTrans Private, by which you use NiuTrans in your Intranet, NiuTrans VIP, by which you rent server(s) out of our NiuTrans Cloud, and NiuTrans API, by which you pay for your translation workload. We can also customize NiuTrans at your demand.

NiuTrans has dozens of customers, including Chinese Ethnic Languages Translation Bureau, State Intellectual Property Office, Tencent and Iflytek, covering Internet service companies, government/security/military agencies, education/cultural agencies, intellectual property service providers, Ctrip,software enterprises and language service providers.