NiuTrans provides MT service solutions for dozens of users, covering online social media, government agencies and national security departments, educational and cultural institutions, intellectual property service providers and language service providers.

Co-working with Tencent, NiuTrans customized MT solutions to Tencent products 'going international' , including QQ browser, Tencent APP 'Translator' for smartphones, Tencent Translate (, social media QQ and Wechat, and

Private NiuTrans for Chinese and 8 languages including Uygur, Tibetan, Korean, Spanish, etc. is provided for iFLETEK, the largest voice technology company in the Asia-Pacific region, to boost economic and cultural development in China's minority areas and serve the national strategy of 'One Road One Belt'.

NiuTrans Clound for 7 minority languages and Chinese have been deployed at China Ethnic Languages Translation Bureau, facilitating rapid information exchange between minority areas and other areas in China, with over 100 million visits per month.

Priviate NiuTrans for Chinese/Uygur and Chinese/Tibetan is provided for the Ministry of State Security and some government departments in Xinjiang and Tibet, serving national security and stability.

Private NiuTrans for multilangues is deployed at some military institutes, supporting multilingual informationization in the army.

Private NiuTrans is provided for Neusoft Group, the largest software service company in China, applied in many of its software service projects.

NiuTrans engine is customized for Beijing Lingosail Technology Co., Ltd, a well-known language technology service provider, for its language service tool development.

Educational and cultural institutions: Hanban, Xinjiang University, Tibet University
       The NiuTrans software is acquired by Xinjiang University and Tibet University, helping them do MT researh and develop their own MT engines.

Intellectual Property Enterprises: State Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Incoshare Co., Ltd.
       NiuTrans is cutomized to build a MT engine for patent translation for State Intellectual Property Office, the largest official intellectual property service in China, and Incoshare, a well-known patent service company.

Language service providers: EC Innovations, Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Yaxincheng Medical Info Tech Co., Ltd.
       NiuTrans is customized for some language service providers, e.g., to train NiuTrans with the domain-specific data deploy NiuTrans at their in-house servers for translation data security, which also significantly outperforms the generic MT engine, such as Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd, a cross-language big data service provider, EC Innovations, the world's top 49 language server provider in 2016, and Beijing Yaxincheng Medical Info Tech Co., Ltd, the largest translation company for medical texts in China.